Grant Copeland: 3 Keys to Presenting Your Brand Creative

Conntext| 5.5.14| 2 Comments

While branding is a broad and highly complex exercise, this video focuses on the creative components of branding – with real-world stories, insights and examples from my nearly two decades of experience.

Grant Copeland is the President and Chief Creative Officer of WORX – a branding, digital and marketing agency in Prospect. As one of the country’s top brand creatives, he has led branding and identity initiatives for companies including FedEx, IBM, Holiday Inn, Crystal Rock, Pitney Bowes, Iron Mountain and Hoffman Auto Group.


Jon 5.9.14

Idiot. Bit player. Grade school advice.

Graphic designer who’s resume is about one paragraph of bullet points. Love to know where he acquired all of this mind blowing insight.

Aniket 11.12.14

Phil, Great video. We have been using for the past 2 years to third party verfiy the authenticity of our reviews and testimonials. They’re an all-in-one solution for feedback and testimonials. They have a free service that allows you to create a feedback form that you ask your customers to fill out, then they verfiy the authenticity of the testimonial and present it on your website via their widget or testimonial page, and then they send it to your facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, etc page.

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