Paul Pita: Cultivating a Place for Creativity

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When starting The Pita Group in 1996 I never really thought about how important is was to maintain a culture of creativity. However, now 18 years and 20 team members later, it is one of my key focuses to maintain an environment where creative people can thrive while exploring the crazy side of their creative minds.

It may sound simple in theory to let creative people be creative, however, challenges can certainly get in the way if you allow them to. From managing the business of a creative agency and meeting budgets, to managing the multi-personalities of our creative team, account executives, developers and video editors, there are many potential obstacles to overcome. Then add to the mix, meeting the career aspirations of a high performing team and maintaining the spirit of flexibility and uninhibited freedom. So you get the idea, allowing creative people to be creative can be more complicated than it sounds.

From 18 years of owning and operating a creative agency, I have learned how important culture is for a company and its employees. If you are struggling with cultivating a place that inspires creativity for your team, here are 8 tips that I have found extremely helpful in building our culture:

Define the type of culture you want to build. Once you have this defined, share it with your existing team and only hire new team members that will thrive in that type of culture.

Lead by example. If one of your goals is to build a culture of creative freedom then give yourself permission to be free and creatively zany.

Applaud all ideas. This includes the good, the bad and even the ugly. You never know where a brilliant idea may be hiding. This also helps encourage team members to share their ideas freely.

Always encourage collaboration with your internal team and even with your clients. The transparency of brainstorming can be very liberating for your creative team but it also does wonders for your clients.

Empower your team for excellence, while making sure everyone is clear about the accountability that comes with empowerment.

PRAISE, PRAISE, PRAISE your team for their talents. Everyone loves to hear it and they deserve it.

Celebrate the wins and successes of all projects. When you launch a new campaign, website or other project, make an announcement and congratulate the team who worked on it.

Be open to all the possibilities that are presented to you each day. As a leader of the creative team it is imperative to embrace the concept of “what could be” with the eyes and mind of a child.

Interested in additional tips for developing a successful culture for your company? Give me a call or send me an email so we can discuss this important business challenge.

Paul has an amazing ability to build consensus among groups of people with individual agendas and points of view. You often can find him listening and engaging groups through creative, thought-provoking discovery exercises that ultimately lead to brand and marketing strategies that get results.

In his life before The Pita Group, Paul developed advertising campaigns for clients including Spaulding, The National Hockey League and Coca-Cola. He is past president of the Connecticut Art Directors Club, and has donated pro bono creative services for organizations including the March of Dimes Connecticut Chapter, Taste of Hartford, Rebuilding Together Hartford, Trust House, Riverfront Recapture, HARC, Park Road Playhouse, M.A.D.D. and the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors for the United Way of the Central and Northeast Connecticut and Golf Fore the Kids, an organization that benefits The Hole in the Wall Gang.

Paul was named to the “40 under 40″ list by the Hartford Business Journal in 1999, and has been recognized internationally for his creative concepts and advertising development. He often makes national presentations on the importance of brand education and empowering employees to deliver on the brand promise each and every day, as well as using social media to build and motivate brand communities.


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