New Milford Photographer Featured on USPS Stamps

The US Postal Service recently unveiled “Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet” commemorative postage stamps and announced the “Stamps to the Rescue” promotional campaign.

The pets depicted on the stamps were photographed by Sally Andersen-Bruce near her home in New Milford. All had been homeless at one time; all but one had been adopted when they were photographed.

The stamps were introduced to the public on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The Postal Service is working with DeGeneres and Halo, Purely for Pets, a holistic pet care company she co-owns, to promote the campaign and to bring greater attention to the cause.

Sally Andersen-Bruce, a 1973 honors graduate of the Art Center of Design in Pasadena, California, has been president and sole proprietor of a photography business for more than two decades. From her studio in Connecticut and from many foreign countries, she has produced photographic art for corporate executives, products, annual and financial reports, Web sites, and United States postage stamps. She has, as well, worked with the International Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the Museum of American Political Life in Hartford, Connecticut. In the late 1990s, she lived in Seoul, South Korea, while documenting global design workshops created for Samsung multimedia by product designers James Miho and Gordon Bruce. Assignments from clients such as IBM, Polaroid, AT&T, Pepsi, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal have taken her to India, Germany, England, Italy, France, Sweden, and Mexico.

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