Design is Love is a new community website from Troy Monroe, CADC President and creative at co:lab of Hartford.

“Design is Love started as a response to conversations with creatives across the country,” says Monroe. “So much of the dialogue revolved around building businesses and fear of competition that we felt like odd-birds talking about the value of working from the heart. Above all else, building emotional connections through design has been at the core of our design process here at co:lab. It’s such a rich, empowering experience that we wanted to share it with everyone.”

Registered membership at the site gets you access to three main features: Helping Hand is a match-making system that brings creatives and non-profit organizations together; Inwords invites members to post answers to thought-provoking questions posed by the site; Design Fund invites members to create a piece of art/design on a given topic that will be sold to support other Design is Love initiatives.

“We want to provide stimulating opportunities for our members to explore their creativity through funded projects and engaging communication.”


Aaron K
Aaron K 4.20.10

Troy you are an animal ( with a gigantic heart) – truly amazing – I love design is love !!!

anthony 4.26.10

this site is the result of an awesome collaboration with incredibly gifted people. i’m excited to see where design is love leads.

Matthew Lawson
Matthew Lawson 4.26.13

This is so nice, Design is live with human nature event is progressed celebrate in Connecticut and peoples watching very happy. The Advertising Agency CT support this kind of events for strongly to operates public relations.

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