Fathom Launches New Website for Girls Inc. of Southwestern Connecticut

Girls Inc. of Southwestern Connecticut — the first and original Girls Club of America established in 1864 in the United States and affiliate of the national Girls Inc. organization — has worked with Hartford-based Fathom to launch a new web presence online. Girls Inc of SWCT provides after-social, educational and scholastic enrichment programs for girls as young as 5 years old to age 18 in Fairfield County, New Haven County (Greater Waterbury) and Litchfield County area.

“Girls are the most influential and transformational contributors to society. It is the duty of the whole community to support their exploration and growth,” said Adrienne Wallace, Executive Director and CEO. “The new website helps us further the organization’s own opportunities to reach supporters and the community, as well as families, to elevate our mission of empowering girls as future leaders and agents of change. I am also grateful that we also received some direct support from the Timex Group to build the site.”

Open six days a week during the school year, Girls Inc. of SWCT offers both summer and after school programs in safe, girl-only empowerment zones. Each girl can learn, explore, create, and interact with their peers and overcome any challenges. The organization is dedicated to providing girls with strategies to overcome social, intellectual, and economic challenges while helping empower them to be the change agents for the coming generations.

“Fathom is proud to work with Girls Inc. of Southwestern Connecticut in establishing a bold online space for this unique organization. Similar to the Girls Inc. mission, this site truly inspires us all to both recognize and foster the strength and knowledge of the women and girls in this world, and will invite others to join in empowering our female youth,” said Sarah Curran, Fathom Account Executive.

Girls Inc. of Southwestern Connecticut believes that much of the future of the world rests in the hands of girls. The communities covered in Southwestern Connecticut are very diverse, and many of the girls served come from families at or just above the poverty level. Girls Inc. of SWCT depends greatly on the generosity and support of public and private donors, corporations and our community to assist in achieving their goals.

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