Fairfield’s Jargon Boy Launches New Lester Beall Website

The Estate of Lester Beall has launched a website about American Graphic Design Pioneer Lester Beall (1903 – 1969).

The Estate of Lester Beall was seeking a web presence with a vintage modern approach. Jargon Boy’s Greg Chinn found a way to showcase the history of Lester Beall, emphasizing the early developmental career, pioneering work and lifestyle, while adding to the visual language of the time period.

The website was created from a very personal point of view. Greg Chinn is married to the youngest Beall grandaughter, and his great respect and affection for the work is evident.

The site was selected as a Communication Arts Webpick for February 18, 2010, has received coverage on top design blogs such as Core 77 and Design Addict, and will be profiled in an upcoming issue of Graphic Design USA.

The site is framed by the words of Lester’s wife, Dorothy Miller Beall, from the December 1969 issue of the Journal of The American Institute of Graphic Arts. Functioning as a primer to Beall’s work, the website shows salient examples from his iconic portfolio. Viewers can see Beall’s early design work, drawings/paintings from the family’s personal collection and peek inside his working Dumbarton Farm design studio in Brookfield, Connecticut.

Jargon Boy is a boutique design shop located in Fairfield that specializes in creating visual languages for corporate clients. The studio’s M is for Modern Alphabet Flash Cards have retailed in two Smithsonian Institution locations, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York/MODA Museum of Design in Atlanta and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Chinn has been published in Communication Arts Design Annual, Print Regional Design Annual, How International Design Annual, Graphic Design USA Annual, Broadcast Design Award Annual and in two Pie Design Books: New Logo and Trademark Design + Private Greeting Cards.

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