Don Carter Launches “Dance-A-Lot Robot” on The Disney Channel

Adams & Knight Creative Director Don Carter’s newest creation, “Dance-A-Lot Robot,” premiered February 27 on The Disney Channel.

“Dance-A-Lot Robot” is a series of animated shorts for Playhouse Disney — familiar territory for Carter, who also created “Happy Monster Band,” which premiered in 2007 and is still being played on the channel.

A combination of animation and live-action, “Dance-A-Lot-Robot” stars Dance-A-Lot, a robot with rhythm who teaches preschoolers simple original dance steps including the robot, the blue jay, the dinosaur stomp and the clock, all set to the music of Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh.

Some of Carter’s character designs for the series can be seen on his Flickr stream as well as the official Playhouse Disney microsite.


Danyelle 9.28.10

My daughter is 11 months and absolutely loves the “Dance-A-Lot Robot”. I wanted to know if there are any plans for character related toys in the immediate or near future. I know that she’d, as well as many other children, would love to have a robot at home to dance alongside them as they grow! Thank you!

Lori 10.19.10

Totally LOVE the song that is sung by Devo’s lead singer!! I KNEW the first time I heard it, it sounded familiar. The other singers in the band, are they from other famous groups as well?

granny 1.14.11

My granson LOOOOOOVES D-A-L Robot! PLEASE- tell Disney to make a plush D-A-L and toys!

Elizabeth 3.31.11

Please Please Make a DVD at least or a Dancing Robot like MCkey Mouse… My Son George Lukas Love Love these Show and dances to it…. Please Please Make a Toy ASAP

erica 5.16.11

I need the tv show series where can i get it???

Amy 7.27.11

My 11 month old daughter loves dance-a-lot robot. She jumps and laughs every time she hears the opening music. We would love to have a dance-a-lot robot birthday party for her. We would love to see more of Dance-a-lot.

marie 8.24.11

My 3 year old son loves dance a lot. I hope it will return to disney. My son has autism. Dance a lot was the only thing he would mimic it helped in the beginning He is little better now. He misses dance a lot so much. How can i get dvds of dance a lot robot . thank you so much for dance a lot.. The happy monster band is great too

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Ramona 4.7.14

Yes, PLEASE make an animated singing toy! Perhaps with changeable song discs???!!!!

Susan 8.16.14

Please please please bring dance a lot robot on DVD my daughter can’t get enough of it . A toy robot would be great too. All she says all day is robot robot.

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