Zunda Group Profiled in GD USA “Going Green” Issue

Jackie Delise, Vice President, New Business Development at Zunda Group, LLC, was interviewed in the latest issue of Graphic Design USA, about the firm’s commitment to environmentally-friendly packaging design.

It is not up to designers to tell a client when it is time to go green or create a green product, but we are influencers and subject matter experts who can help guide them through their packaging needs.

I am fascinated by James Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis, which says that Earth exists as a cohesive, living organism. Individual actions have a direct correlation to the whole. This idea is beginning to permeate consumer culture.


Bunda 5.24.12

Chuck,Thanks for noticing. In fact, our tugnoe-in-cheek IHateAdAgencies.com site was a concept that emerged from the angst felt by many of the marketing directors whom we have met when they had to deal with big agencies. They are always relieved to learn that the way we do business alleviates those frustrations. The IHAA microsite was done partly for fun, and mostly to support a direct marketing campaign we produced last year. The result was a significant increase in existing and new business, and a best of show award from the Business Marketing Association in the Carolinas. Although the site is not totally transparent in its connection to our agency, as you know it is not that tough to figure out, either. And it offers free cartoon downloads by famed illustrator, Walter Stanford, depicting the top 4 reasons people hate ad agencies. We appreciate your attention! And by the way, I really like your site, and enjoyed the few blogs I have read. Good work!Sincerely,Jeff RotheSELMARQ Brands’ Best Friendae

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