Ethan Bodnar Profiled on AIGA Make/Think Blog

Ethan Bodnar, author and Hartford Art School Student, spoke at AIGA’s Make/Think conference, and was interviewed for the conference’s live blog.

The Hartford Art School student thanks AIGA for giving him community and connecting him with other designers. The child of a graphic designer, he started his own layout work using Adobe Pagemaker and designing logos. In high school he discovered the online community of designers. He even put the word KERN on his backpack and happily explained to people what it meant. In his short career, he’s done signage for his high school, posters, an art installation, and the launch of the blog Synthesis. But it’s the personal projects that really drive him and because he loves them so much, HE HAS ALSO WRITTEN A BOOK. At 19. Repeat: He is 19 years old. It’s called Creative Grab Bag: Inspiring Challenges for Designers, Artists and Illustrators and it’s a collection of Lose Weight Exercises that help launch those personal projects.


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