CO:LAB Launches New Campaign, Gets Coverage in Print Magazine

CO:LAB of Hartford just completed a campaign for The Human Rights Institute of the University of Connecticut 2009 and is already receiving accolades courtesy of Steven Heller’s blog on

Each year the institute hosts an event with dozens of scholars addressing a major human rights issue. This year the conference (Oct 22-24) took “a significant departure: the focus was turned to human rights issuses in the USA.”

“The process of becoming truly empathetic, and thus impactful in the resolution of human rights issues, means getting personal with the topics,” writes Brian Grabell and Rich Hollant of CO:LAB, who have designed the current campaign. “So long as we believe these plights only occur ‘over-there,’ we desensitive ourselves.”

The campaign developed for the Human Rights Institute focuses on this: “By declaring our humanity right here + right now, we also declare that there is no distinction between ‘over-here’ and ‘over-there.’” Grabell also notes, “We asked photographers from across the Country to capture images typifying the heart of America. The aim is to continue this campaign by spreading the word about this organization and their work by having any individual who wants to get involved and contribute to do just that.”

The recently launched website can be found here.

Detail from the website.

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