How 2 Design Rocks With a New Website

How 2 Design of Guilford turns the volume up with their new site, a cutting-edge, 3D collaboration with mediaBOOM, also of Guilford.

The site uses a clever musical sound studio metaphor, and skins their portfolio in a faux “media player,” complete with clever “album covers” for their core competencies.

Screenshots of the new site

How 2 Design is a highly progressive firm which specializes in forging design concepts and ideas into communication strategies that rock. mediaBOOM is a Webby Award winning interactive agency that combines world-class design with cutting-edge technologies in order to deliver engaging online experiences.

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Tim Rhodes
Tim Rhodes 1.18.10

I promote very high end and unique printing papers for offset and digtial presses. I’ve heard some great things about your work through Lee O’leary at Ris Paper and others, and would like to drop off some of our new swatchbooks and print promotion pieces so you are up to date with our product offerings.

Great website!

Tim Rhodes

Cell: 401-464-158

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