Connecticut Creatives:
What We Really Wanted for Christmas

Compiled by Rich Hollant & Amy Graver;
Intro by Rich Hollant

By definition, 99.9% of what creatives do is create stuff. And the propensity to create, with any level of proliferation, butts right up against a compulsion to give. Give, give, give. Even in these difficult economic times, when so many of our colleagues are wincing from the pinch, we Connecticut creatives are among the first to recognize that when the going gets tough, the tough get giving.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, when Amy presented the idea of posting our holiday wishlists, the general response of those asked to contribute sounded something like this:


By contrast, when I tested the same request with a sales guy, an accountant, a lawyer and my kids, a list of 10 very specific items materialized from each of them in about 30 seconds flat. That of course is the blessing of the creatives, who, along with dirt farmers and wind harnessers, shall indeed inherit the earth.

Anyway, after getting the big-picture wishes out of the way — a back-bouncing economy, more green jobs, global harmony, an affordable AIDS vaccine, and a universally enforced education standard — we were then serendipitously freed to contemplate our pixieish delights, desires and indulgences, and to share them here, with our friends and colleagues at Of course, being the catalogers of dreams and the organizers of ephemera that we are, most of the items come complete with handy-dandy web links in the event you, the reader, the genuine community of creatives, happen to be in a giving mood in the new year.

So here are the top 10 wishes from 8 statewide shops — except for us at co:lab: we’re only submitting 9 items. Our tenth wish is that everyone bombard Amy Graver’s email with genius ideas for the speedy and absolute recovery of her husband Scott.

Alexander Isley Inc., Redding

1. An analog projection clock. (Or anything from REMO, actually.)
2. A fried turkey, using the recipe from the Emeril cookbook. It’s awesome.
3. Fingerless gloves for iPhone-ing.
4. Apple TV. Rocks! (Get the bigger hard drive.)
5. Hotel accomodations at the Westwood Hotel in Montreal (graphic identity by Julien De Repentign — so fun!).
6. A bible with a flask inside. The Good Book indeed.
7. Someone to teach us InCopy, but who does not want $1750 per day. Please.
8. Mood pillows by Jonathan Adler.
9. Limoncello.
10. Punctuation bookmarks.

CO:LAB, Hartford

1. A pencil that never needs sharpening.
2. Tickets to the Last Supper.
3. A robot. That programs.
4. Streaming consciousness straight out of iTunes.
5. A way that the entire office can simultaneously listen to the same exact tunes through individual headphones, because headphones are really cool.
6. Infinitely rotating content for our Great Wall of Whack.
7. The Democratization of Client Appreciation Week.
8. Truth serum. Lotion form.
9. Monkey.

Elements, New Haven

1. Rolleiflex MiniDigi AF5.0 in red.
2. Captain for a Year Adventure. (Paid time off included).
3. PopMat for fun at client meetings.
4. Wacom tablets for everyone (including our writer!).
5. IKEA Bonde sideboard in birch veneer.
6. Prius ’09s, in a variety of colors, for all employees.
7. The Shimmering Snowflake Coffret box of decadence.
8. An in-office daycare.?
9. A Philippe Starck Baccarat black crystal chandelier (for our water closet).
10. A client with an endless budget who allows us complete creative freedom and whose invoice never goes past 30 days.

Fathom, Hartford

1. A Punching Bag.?
2. Some hip-hop chic bulletproof vests.?
3. The end of misuse of the term “web 2.0″ (and God-forbid “3.0″).?
4. A fresh keg of Guinness.?
5. For none of our clients to have a niece/nephew/neighbor/dog that “practices” graphic design.?
6. That the word “Photoshop” ceases to be used as a verb.?
7. An economic upswing.?
8. For the world to learn — for the last time — that it’s width by height.?
9. A prompt, bloodless end to Internet Explorer 6’s market popularity.?
10. That Adobe starts answering their hate mail.

How 2 Design, Guilford

1. Budgets large enough to accommodate all elements of creative exploration and production opportunities.?
2. Clients willing to take risks.?
3. Music from the jukebox at Ted’s (at UConn) in the 80s that makes me feel young and invincible.?
4. Cold beer (see line item #3) without hangovers.?
5. Always sharp Sharpies.?
6. Treadmill workstations that I could actually endure for 10 hours.?
7. My original body (see line item #6 combined with line item #3).?
8. A fourth floor.?
9. Any Martha Stewart Organization System — and Martha herself to install it and organize with me.?
10. Time.

Mascola Group, New Haven

1. Come in/Go Away ambiagram door mat. ?
2. The Sopranos Complete Series Box Set.?
3. Computer Icon Watch.
4. CS4.?
5. New computers that can actually run CS4.?
6. A Dream Client that actually listens to our ideas (Nike perhaps?).?
7. New snowboard set-up for the upcoming winter season.?
8. A Wii for the office with Wii Sports.?
9. Some sweet etched moleskin notebooks.
10. Big Lebowski collectible characters.?

Tracie Designs, Fairfield

1. Another hour in the day. (Asking for two seems greedy, so I’ll settle for the one and use it for something like going to the gym, or pleasure reading. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll use it for work.)
2. Madison Op Art Oblong Scarf. I love the graphic print, and the bursts of orange. Delicious.
3. Chuck Close. This book is an amazing retrospect of his life through his work. (Although, finding the actual Chuck Close under my tree on Christmas morning might make for an interesting holiday.)
4. Hel [effing] vetica t-shirt. Sure, I can’t wear it around my kids, but some days, this is how I really feel.
5. Type Coasters. These coasters are so pretty, the laser cut makes them look almost lacy. Plus they’re type.
6. Any one of Claudia Mengel’s paintings. She is my favorite local artist; her work is just extraordinary.
7. A composter. Left over (perhaps I should say recycled? Heh heh…) from my mother’s day wish list.
8. 1,001 Crossword Puzzles To Do Right Now! For that extra hour in my day.
9. Someone to clean my house. Or just straighten it up. Perhaps then I wouldn’t need that extra hour.
10. Moleskine 3.5×5.5 notebook. To keep in my purse. For all those times I see something worth writing down… and then loseWeight Exercise the scrap paper on which it was written.

Williams & House, Avon

1. A special tower to keep Lisa fa-la-la-la-ing.
2. A few new red chairs to seat extra holiday guests.
3. Beverages. Many.
4. A ban on email for one year. ?
5. An office mascot with a cool wardrobe.
6. On-site personal trainer.
7. Ultimate organization.
8. Cookies.
9. A little relaxation.
10. A 13-month calendar, because the years just fly by too fast!


Gary 12.30.08

Terrific wish lists-thanks for sharing.
Made some new shopping bookmarks from these ideas.

Here’s a couple of products I wish to share:

Bubble Calendar:

Finish doormat.

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