Fred Caserta’s Art On Display

Caserta Design’s Fred Caserta was selected to be part of an exhibit at the Nanjing Art Institute, Nanjing, China.

The exhibition, “Commemoration of 5.12: China’s Massive Earthquake,” features work from more than 200 artists, designers, film makers and musicians from across the globe. “It is a perfect global response to tragedy and a our greatest hope for the future,” says designer and co-curator Robert Appleton.

Fred’s piece, “MAGNITUDE,” is a 60×60 in. digital illustration, inkjet on paper.

Fred describes the piece: “‘MAGNITUDE’ pulls the viewer from a distance. 70,000 Chinese-red ‘pixels’ demonstrate the MAGNITUDE of the loss of life resulting from the 5.12.08 earthquake. It is a reference to the Chinese Red Egg and Ginger ceremony in which babies are named at one month old. It calls attention to the truth that each pixel/egg/life was a real person, possessing their own significant identity.”

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