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Fathom of Hartford has launched an exciting new website for The Hartford Art School, one of America’s oldest art institutions. The new website had to live within the family of University of Hartford’s already established sites, but be distinctive enough to make an impact. The Hartford Art School sought a design that would engage and excite potential students, but convey their legitimacy and prestige.

“The goal,” Fathom’s Anthony Acock explained, “was to find a way to strike a balance between fulfilling the desire to surprise and underscore the school’s status.”

An additional challenge for Fathom designers came in working to make the new site complement the art school’s existing print collateral without mimicking it. The resulting Hartford Art School website has stand-alone personality that answers both of the client’s concerns while dovetailing nicely with its existing print materials.

Each page of HAS’s new website engages with vibrant colors and unexpected shapes, prominently featuring black and white snapshots of students perfecting their craft. Standout typography and a streamlined, readable text flow unite the new design to The University of Hartford’s other sites and existing print pieces.

An additional feature of the new art school site is the unique identity assigned to each discipline within the school. “All of the departments have a radically different look and feel,” Acock said. “The differences amongst the pages underscore the diversity of the Hartford Art School’s offerings.” The final product, in hues of electric purple, bright green, yellow, teal and eye-popping scarlet certainly accomplishes the goal.

“Stylistically, it’s really different from where they were before,” commented Fathom Account Executive Sarah Curran. “The new design gives each department the opportunity to showcase their uniqueness.”


Anthony Acock
Anthony Acock 11.10.08

Thanks for covering this!

Anonymous 11.17.08

I think they’ve achieved their goal: I was very surprised by the new site.

Anonymous 12.2.08

If you think the web site is nice you should see the printed piece the site was based on. You can request a copy through the web site. The catalog was designed by Tomasz Kazmierczek, Kevin Sepe, and Mark Snyder of object|resonance. It really does give each department their own true unique voice and makes the web site look a bit templated at best. The form was inspired perhaps a bit by the newest Sagmeister book but they put their own spin on it!

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