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Gluekit of Hamden created the cover and eight interior pages for Print’s 2008 Regional Design Annual. There’s an interesting “making of” piece highlighting the studio and its principals, Christopher Sleboda and Kathleen Burns.

Gluekit had a number of winning pieces in the Annual, from their sister business, Part of It. Part of It works with artists to create products for causes they are passionate about, with sales from products benefiting charities chosen by the artists.

Also representing Connecticut in the Annual are Jargon Boy of Fairfield, Winterhouse of Falls Village and Bertz Design Group of Middletown.

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Sue 8.5.12

I got an email from someone with this commnet:Very nice and inspiring, but I’m not sure of the underlying assumptions about what art and creative work actually are; is she suggesting that such things as raising a decent? human being, or preparing food, are not arts and creative work in and of themselves? If so, I believe her definition is a rather too narrow one and discounts many, many expressions of creative work besides the purely aesthetic.My response was this:I take your point and agree that those things like raising decent human beings especially are most definitely part of one’s creative work.What I took from her video though is the fact that those of us who choose to to be artists creative beings, making work that can be touched, read, watched, felt or however it expresses itself, also need to recognize the need to take time to actually do the work we do and not feel guilty or put upon by others.This expression of creativity is innately what makes us who we are and, I believe, allows us to be fully present in all aspects of our lives including preparing delicious, nurturing, creatively inspiring foods for our families.

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